Frequently asked questions about the study of Seriexology

Seriexology is a specialty of conscientiology and is a subject of some complexity, requiring the convergence of other disciplines for deeper understanding.


1- What is Seriexology?
Seriexology is a specialty applied to the study, research and deepening of the previous lives of a consciousness.


2- How does the cycles of birth and death of a person occur?
​The consciousness goes through resoma (reactivated physical body) and desoma (deactivated physical body) infinite times, maturing and evolving to completely dominate the psychosoma (body of emotions). At this stage the psychosoma is discarded and becomes a free consciousness, manifesting itself in the mentalsoma (mental body). Among the countless lives, there occurs periods of intermission, where the consciousness remains in the extraphysical dimension.


3 – What is the consecutive personality?
​The consecutive personality is the guinea-pig consciousness which coexists in the same human life, in two stages. The first life, being short lived when the personality desomates and the second life is when the personality resomates, after a brief intermissive period in the condition of a conscex, recommencing the previous interrupted conviviality.  


4 – What are the benefits of knowing a past life?
​First of all it is necessary to have a certain disposition and tranquility to deal with the facts of previous lives, because the study requires serenity in dealing with consciousnesses, emotions and important facts from the past. The benefits are many. The self-knowledge provides direction to the current existential program, identifies tendencies and optimizes the assistance to the target public.


5 – How to start the study of a past life?
​Firstly it is beneficial to have a willingness to deepen the research and studies of oneself. Observe the affinities with countries, times, people and write everything down. This study is complex and involves parapsychism and detailed observation. Readings, mobilization of energies and maintaining an assistential sense throughout the process is also paramount. CONSECUTIVUS offers basic courses for anyone who wants to be a multiexistential self-researcher.