The School of Consecutive Personality (SCP)

The School of Consecutive Personality (SCP) is a course divided into modules with weekly theoretical and practical classes. The main objective of this course is to help the student-researcher expand their seriexological or multiexistential self-conscientization, through seriexological content, holobiographical research methods and retrocognitive techniques.

The School is organized into 3 modules, each with 16 classes, and held weekly, over 1 semester. At the end of 3 semesters, students will have participated in a total of 48 classes. Each class runs for 2 and a half hours.

The general objectives of the School of Consecutive Personality are:
1.To broaden one’s lucidity with respect to the mistakes of the past (weaktraits);
2.To locate oneself in relation to groups from human history;
3.To assist in the preparation of pre-intermissiology;
4.To dynamize groupkarmic recomposition;
5.To strengthen seriexological megastrongtraits;
6.To promote holobiographical self-knowledge;
7.To qualify in the acquisition of existential completism (complexis).



Available in Portuguese language.

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Módulo 1

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